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    We are a full service Public Accounting and Consulting firm serving clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our services include Personal, Business & Real Estate Accounting, Tax Preparation, Payroll Management & Financial Consulting.

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  • About Neptune Real Estate Accounting

    Real Estate Accounting Specialists

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    We can help you maintain complete financial control over your Real Estate endeavors - giving you the time and freedom to improve your quality of life. With a rich history in Real Estate Accounting, we have the knowledge and experience you need!

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  • Our Professional Staff maintains key certifications, and
    actively studies all of the latest financial trends and regulations

    At Neptune, we are also active with many of the top financial organizations, and are committed to ongoing education.
    By maintaining the highest quality standards, our clients can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

Financial Services

Financial Services - Accounting, Payroll, Tax, Consulting

At Neptune, we provide a number of key Financial Services supported by years of knowledge and experience, including Personal, Business & Real Estate Accounting, Tax Preparation, Payroll Management, and Financial Consulting. Our key to building a strong client relationship is to customize these services for maximum return on investment. Let us show you how.

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Tax & Event Calendar

Tax and Event Calendar

As with most financial endeavors, keeping on top of important dates is critical. We provide our clients with a complete schedule of important dates and events throughout the year, with a special focus on Taxes. In addition to knowing when important events are pending, it is equally important to know that you are prepared to meet those dates. We can help.

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Financial Tools

Financial Tools - Calculators

Online calculators can be found in many places, but finding the right ones together in one place can be a challenge. We have carefully selected an array of calculators and tools that we feel best match our clients needs. When used properly, many of these calculators can be used over and over, helping you compare your financial picture from one month to the next.

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