About Neptune: Real Estate Accounting

About Neptune - Real Estate Accounting

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Real Estate Accounting practices may have changed over the years, but Neptune Financial and Management Services has followed them every step of the way. Bryan Stutzki, CPA has specialized in accounting for residential and commercial real estate since our inception...

Neptune Real Estate Accounting

Bryan has served as an accountant for several commercial and residential property management companies in Milwaukee throughout his career, and is also a former board member of the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. He currently owns and manages 18 apartment units in greater Milwaukee and advises over 25 property owners.

Neptune Financial and Management Services advises real estate clients in establishing accounting systems to track monthly income and expenses to better manage their properties and maximize return on their assets. We also help in preparing annual income tax returns and advise the best tax strategies to reduce income taxes. The best strategies are also presented and explained when buying or selling properties.

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If you need professional guidance in accounting for your rental properties or need tax strategies in acquiring or selling your real estate, we are here to help. Either give us a call, or contact us through our website for more information.

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